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ePCR Services

It is no secret that accurate, electronic, reportable pre-hospital care documentation makes metric tracking much easier, allowing agencies to pinpoint trends and make operational adjustments leading to better patient care. In addition, ePCR systems that integrate tightly with billing systems speed up cash flow. MultiMed has partnered with ZOLL which allows us to offer our clients the best of both worlds. With our billing expertise and ZOLL's industry leading ePCR solution, MultiMed provides a powerful, streamlined system to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Hosted ePCR highlights:

  • Server hosting
  • Managed configuration, backup and maintenance
  • Remote access to run customized reports on-demand
  • Access to MultiMed's highly trained and responsive support team
  • Custom workflows to control the review/QA procedures for your completed PCRs
  • Integration with MultiMed's billing system
  • Affordable access to industry leading solutions

Additionally, if you are a non-billing agency or bill in-house or with another third party provider, we may still be able to provide hosting for your ePCR solution.

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